www.mlmmoneymakingsecrets.com Vemma scam? Truth Be Told About Vemma Scam Rumors! So you want to know if there is a Vemma scam out there. Well I’m here to tell you it is just not the case. As an increasingly seasined network marketer I have encountered a great deal of false claims….the Vemma scam being one of them. I would like to tell you I personally know people who have had wonderful experiences with Vemma’s product and business. I actually have a close friend who achieved a full time salary with Vemma, and know many others who are loyal consumers of their [More]
Introduction to the Vemma Product and Opportunity. This was edited from the Reinvent Your Life video by Vemma Corp. Want to know more… 317-410-3500 or www.vemma500.com