Mangosteen Acai Berry Soap

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Meet Mrs. S. Duncan – Clearwater Florida – Age 27, A Highway Traffic Control Technician Who Works In The Rough Elements Of The Weather All Day

Being a traffic control technician for a highway construction company, your Natural Home Cures Acai-Mangosteen Soap or should I say multipurpose cosmetic grade body revitalizer, without all the caustic chemicals which goes into those cosmetics is by far my favorite.

Your all natural cleanser provides me results almost instantly and lasts the entire construction day. My skin does not look or feel greasy and yet it gives a very vibrant and youthful glow and the fresh scent of acai and mangosteen smells so delicious you just want to eat it. Even my co-workers have commented that this scent is so wonderful they want to know the brand of perfume that I am using, call me selfish, but this is my little secret.