Brad Alkazin talks to young people talk about Vemma Verve from a business perspective.
Chris Powell formulated an amazing formula to burn fat.
This Business Model Offers a Tremendous Earning Opportunity, No start up cost, and products that are in high demand in billion dollar markets.    
BK talking about what’s in the Verve Energy Drink..
Here is a news story about how Energy Drinks are the fastest growing segment of the US beverage industry.. What business would you like to be in?
David Wood talks about how you can promote anything online
Here are highlights of the  Royale Convention 2009 in Vegas..
The Vemma Nutrition Company – Its products are  endorsed by  Chris Powell from ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition,  and Chris is the spoke person for the Vemma Bod-e products
Here is a comparison between Verve! and other popular energy drinks on the market.